Long time, no see

Hello dear Tumblr blog,

I miss you, but I don’t have time for you right now. It’s called life. She’s a bitch, isn’t she? Well… Nothing much I can do about that but tag along for the ride, I guess.

The reason I spend less time online is because I try to sort things out. I try to get my life on track, which is hard. I’ve always put my family’s opinion before my own, but I can’t keep doing that. Not anymore. I have to change and things around me have to change too. It’s not easy, but I have to try, right?

So tonight I’m staying up late, skipping sleep to work on my dreams instead, because no one seems to have time for them during the day. There’s always something else that screams louder for attention than my silly dreams. Yet, they are my dreams and precious to me. So now I have to do something about them.

Wish me luck, okay? I’ll try my best.

Just watched the We Can’t Stop video by Miley Cyrus and zomg, le sigh…
If I wanted someone to grind their bony ass at me on screen I’d watch a porno, thank you very much, because then there’d be naked people and some “action” - not just a sleazy tease on a bed. And can someone please give her a sandwich because she looks like she needs to eat something other than chemicals.

Don’t ask me about the song btw. I was so disturbed by the visuals that the song really didn’t catch at all. Nope.

Twitter vs Female Protagonists in Video Games


Above is a tweet I made this afternoon in reaction to the fact that none of the games presented at Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 press conference featured female protagonists. Below are some of the Twitter replies to that observation which exemplify the male privilege and male entitlement endemic in the gaming community today. This is also a window into what it’s like to be a female video game critic on twitter.

1. @simplyflyinimage

2. @A_Hint_of_Shitimage

3. @Triosemimage

4. @DavidBostock93image

5. @Jamie_Breretonimage

6. @SethForsmanimage

7. @Beefheart82image

8. @AzEHeaD15image

9. @NickFuckypuimage

10. @JLB_esquireimage

11. @MathiasKaizerimage

12. @About20Donutsimage

13. @RogerLateralusimage

14. @izashid29image

15. @BEATandDELETEimage

16. @B_Razzimage

17. @twerk_king69image

18. @Epsilon_Fiveimage

19. @Spyrolicimage

20. @itwasagoodtimeimage

21. @JerkfaceMcGeeimage

22. @patq911image

23. @r0bz0rzimage

24. @JimPheeimage

25. @Pootslapimage

26. @Pokefan1223image

27. @Auriniimage

28. @yuttimage

29. @HennersQuackimage

30. @GabeAsterdimage

31. @MundaBricimage

32. @DoctorWatkinsimage

33. @xTheShad0wZimage

34. @GangWarlordimage

35. @le_mecimage

36. @coolguyquietessimage

37. @OldMileyimage

38. @TheChad118image

39. @dodgykebaabimage

40. @urafagetimage

41. @BJ_Dicksonimage

42. @Bloodergoimage

43. @Uneternalimage

44. @The_Master_Eimage

45. @TheVidyaBoyimage

46. @danier_sanimage

47. @ReissDJOimage

48. @mrdizzyimage

49. @IntelMinerimage

50. @AliAdelMohamedimage

This made me sick to the point where I wish I hadn’t read it. Really.
If Microsoft had any kind of backbone they’d make a really badass game featuring only female characters as a reaction to this! But of course, it won’t happen… Sad.

Currently eating chocolate cookies to chase away some dementors.


Dear Yahoo,

If you would like Tumblr users to like you, remove the post limit and word limit on messages.

If you place ads on our dash or charge for use every month, there will be a war. You have an army. We have a hulk.


Tumblr Users

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